Stephen Groner

Sales and Marketing in Saint Augustine, Florida

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I am an Automotive Professional with over 30 years of solid experience in Sales and Dealership Management. In short, I’ve been a Car Salesman most of my life.

My Passion, however, is one of an Entrepreneur, Writer and Internet Marketer.

I am known for being a Free Spirited Big Thinker, a Lover of Life and a Committed Christian. I Enjoy Good Times with Family and Friends, the Beach Life and Traveling.

Sometimes Politically Incorrect, I Love a Good Debate, and at Times Can Be Somewhat Opinionated and Even Brutally Honest about My Thoughts on Many Topics and Areas of Life.

I am, however, a Good Listener and Love to Have Engaging Conversations While Still Respecting Other Opinions.

In General, I Love and Care about All People from All Walks of Life and Have Great Empathy and Compassion for the Underdog.

I Love Sharing with Others about Life’s Great Experiences and How to Overcome the Obstacles that Lead to Bad Ones.